bopp polypropylene clear white metalized film easy release silicone coatingInfinity Tapes


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PP502 – Clear BOPP Silicone Coated Film
PP401.6 – White BOPP Silicone Coated Film
PP701.2 – Metalized Silicone Coated Antistatic Film

Polypropylene (BOPP) clear, white, or metalized film coated on one side with our easy release silicone coating.



  • Available In Clear, Clear Printed, White, Metalized (Anti-static)
  • Higher Temperature Resistance Than Hdpe
  • Compatible With Wide Variety Of Adhesives
  • Superior Easy Release Properties (UV Cured Silicones)
  • Standard Printing (Remove Liner To Expose Adhesive)
  • Bilingual And Trilingual Standard Print Available
  • Custom Printing
  • Colored Printing – Red, Blue, Black, or Custom
  • Coated one side silicone (c/1/s) or coated two sides silicone (c/2/s)
  • Widths: Slit From 1/2″ To 48″
  • Flat Roll Lengths: Up To 16,400′