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Infinity Tapes can save you time and money.

Infinity Tapes has a long history of producing a high quality line of standard adhesive tapes and silicone coated papers and films. With our diverse converting capabilities, we do not need to rely on outside converting operations to manufacture our products. As a result, we have the capability to create, reconfigure and modify to develop the exact solution to fit your need.

We offer a wide range of converting capabilities:


Flexographic Printing


Silicone Coating

  • Thermal
  • UV
  • Widths up to 48″
  • Roll diameters up to 50″

Hot Melt Adhesive Coating up to 40″

  • Flush Coat full web width
  • Zone Coating multiple width capabilities


  • Razor
  • Shear
  • Crush Cut
  • Widths from ½” to 48″


  • 2 – 16 position spoolers
  • ¼” to 1″ tape and liner widths
  • Spool Unwinder

Additional Resources

Troubleshooting: Back Winding Repair

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